World-Class Joint Restoration

We are at the cutting edge of new technologies and carefully apply these methods and materials to our patients, auditing what we do in real time with hard data collected by us and by other thought-leaders.

Compassionate Care

We walk closely with you through the health-related issues you are facing, and take time to help you with the emotional side of the process, as well as the physical. We talk together, cry together, pray together, and work through your choices as a team.



We walk with our patients through their issues week after week, making time to help our patients work through the emotional side as well as the physical. We talk together, cry together and pray together, working to find our way through the difficult choices together.

About Our Physicians

Dr. John Dearborn

On behalf of my staff, I want to welcome you to our orthopaedic practice, the Institute for Joint Restoration, and this informational website. I’d like to encourage you to review our history, which tells you a great deal about where we’ve been. More importantly, you’ll want to get to know us as people and that will require that you linger, that you ask questions and that you engage with us as more than your health care provider.

Dr. John Costouros

Focused on Excellence

Because of our narrow focus and high volume, we have a wealth of clinical experience in the field of joint replacement. We apply this data everyday, as we work to evolve and perfect our craft in real time.

Live Without Limitations

Latest Research

Clinical research is an integral part of who we are as an Institute. We study everything we do, analyzing data for trends which indicate areas for growth and enhanced outcomes.

Total Freedom

Our patients often face a loss of their life-long independence, because of progressive hip or knee problems, or because of a faulty joint replacement. And having an operation can be a scary thing, because people usually…

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