Our Philosophy

Team - Dearborn & Associates

Our practice is all about building lasting relationships with our patients. Some have been with us for over 20 years, through operations on several joints, because of enduring bonds based on trust, informed decision-making and transparency. Practically speaking, we provide state-of-the-art joint replacement care in a highly personal and compassionate manner, while advancing our field through clinical research. But the restoration process is far more than simply replacing worn out parts. Here is what we’ve learned after 25 years.

The Very Best Orthopaedic Care - With You in Mind

In today’s world of marketing, flash and spin, the term “state-of-the-art” has become almost trite, requiring redefinition wherever it is used. To us, this cannot simply mean the newest technology, since novel materials and techniques must be tested in the lab and then in real patients and the results observed before clear conclusions regarding efficacy can be drawn.

In short, that means everything we do for you must make sense, perform as tested, and be better and at least as safe as what we used to do, in order for us to adopt it. We rely heavily on outcomes data. We are at the cutting edge of new technologies and carefully apply these methods and materials to our patients, auditing what we do in real time with hard data collected by us and by other thought-leaders.

Highly Personal

Despite its convenience and efficiency, technology feels a bit cold and certainly tends to be impersonal. In the medical environment, and especially in a surgical specialty, a personal touch adds the warmth that would otherwise be missing from our innovative, efficient program. That’s why we have real people answering the phone, we don’t rush through office visits, and every question is answered to the satisfaction of the patient. What could be more personal to you than your own health? We recognize that each patient has a different perspective and expectation regarding their healthcare needs and we treat each person as an individual. Our patients are often highly educated and arrive with a game plan already in place. We are here as a sounding board, to listen and to offer expert advice when necessary.


Our patients often face a loss of their life-long independence because of progressive hip or knee problems or because of a faulty joint replacement. We understand that having an operation can be a scary thing, and, naturally, people expect they will feel worse before they feel better. In addition, few people want to be dependent on someone else for help, and many struggle with what feels like a loss of control. We walk with our patients through these issues week after week, taking time to discuss the emotional side of surgery, as well as the physical. We talk together, cry together, and even pray together, working as a team to help our patients make the best choice for themselves and their families.

Benefits of Experience

Our wealth of data and experience benefits more than just our patients. Although we don’t employ Resident Physicians, and thus miss out on teaching trainees in the operating room itself, we have committed to advancing our field through the postgraduate education of practicing orthopaedic surgeons. This involves teaching visiting surgeons, presenting our data at national and international educational meetings, and publishing our research. We collect a tremendous amount of data, which helps not only our own patients in their recovery, but also patients of other surgeons around the globe.