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Every company has a story and ours is particularly interesting and worth telling. The Dearborn & Associates Institute for Joint Restoration is the result of ongoing process refinement, dating back to the late 1950s.

After completing his orthopaedic training, Dr. Dearborn joined the Fremont Orthopaedic Medical Group (FOMG) in 1997, with the goal of building a joint replacement program that would combine the best of what he had seen on both coasts, minus the academic bureaucracy. Founded in 1959, FOMG was fulfilling its mission of serving the general orthopaedic needs of the Tri-City community of Fremont, Newark and Union City. 


Washington Hospital had opened its doors the year before FOMG started and two of the senior partners of FOMG had served as Chiefs of the Washington Hospital Medical Staff. FOMG was beginning its evolution into a group of orthopaedic subspecialists.

In 1999, Dr. Dearborn partnered with the Washington Hospital Healthcare System to create the Center for Joint Replacement, a comprehensive, multifaceted program that now serves arthritis patients from all over the world. Over the next 5 years, the CJR would double its surgical volume each year, as patients from the greater Bay Area and beyond began traveling to have their painful hips and knees restored by Dr. Dearborn and his team. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation took notice and contracted with FOMG to provide orthopaedic care to their patients. Dr. Dearborn joined the Medical Staff at Stanford Medical Center in 2001, introducing his less invasive surgical techniques there. He took over the practice of Dr. Steven Woolson in 2002 and began spending more time at his alma mater. The inefficiency of the system there, combined with declining patient interest in having surgery at a teaching hospital, ultimately led Dr. Dearborn to concentrate his entire surgical volume at the Center for Joint Replacement in 2004. Plans for a new, larger CJR building moved forward.

By the end of 2005, the general orthopaedists at FOMG had moved on, giving Dr. Dearborn’s already busy joint replacement practice room to grow. He added a second physician assistant and launched his own company, John T. Dearborn MD and Associates. From 2006 until 2011, the Center for Joint Replacement program continued to grow, earning honors for compassionate, quality care year after year. With the added personnel and margin, Dr. Dearborn’s vision for a comprehensive Institute could now be realized. Joining forces with the prior CJR staff and Washington Hospital, Dr. Dearborn launched the Institute for Joint Restoration in November 2011 at Washington Hospital. The Institute was housed in the new CJR building, built in part by the philanthropic donations of grateful patients. The self-contained Institute brought seamless continuity, from the first office visit, to the brief hospital stay, to the rehabilitation phase, to the semiannual check-ups, all under the same roof. In 2013 we completed construction of our new office in Menlo Park, which serves our large Peninsula patient population and has become our primary hub.

2016 brought new challenges. The incredible growth of the IJRR program had stressed the foundations of the original program concept. It was time to reflect and simplify once again, in order to humbly refocus on care excellence, one patient at a time.

Our Corporate Name

In 2012, we added the Institute for Joint Restoration to our company name. The reason is easy to explain. I am a physician first, and a surgeon second. We resist the pressure placed on surgical subspecialists to become mere technicians carrying out a procedure. The technical portion of what we do is certainly critical, but we need to remain fully in touch with the purpose behind the procedure – to relieve pain, return function, and restore freedom. We are committed to taking care of the entire patient, while recognizing that only God has all the answers. Innovative technology, education, counseling, compassion, reverence. The right road to a new lease on life. We are not just about joint replacement. We are in the restoration business.

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