Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement is similar to a total knee replacement in that it is a resurfacing procedure. However, partial knee replacement refers to resurfacing of just one of the compartments of the knee. In other words, the inside, outside, or the kneecap area can be treated independently from the others. This option is appropriate for patients who have pain and arthritis isolated to a single portion of the knee.

Patients must be promptly identified with isolated or early arthritis to benefit most from this procedure. While total knee replacement is also a reliable option in these situations, partial knee replacement has the following potential benefits:

  • bone and ligament preservation
  • less blood loss
  • less invasive surgery
  • better knee range of motion
  • faster recovery
  • a more normal feeling knee

Partial Knee Replacement on x-ray

Total Knee Replacement on x-ray

Studies have shown that partial knee replacement can be durable up to 15 years (and sometimes beyond) in certain, carefully screened patients. In addition, if arthritis develops elsewhere in the knee, a partial knee replacement can be converted to a primary, or first-time, total knee replacement.

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