Patellofemoral Replacement

Patellofemoral replacement, or kneecap replacement, is also a partial knee replacement procedure. While uncommon, it is useful to treat patients with isolated kneecap arthritis. The benefits to partial knee replacement are the same:

  • bone and ligament preservation
  • less blood loss
  • less invasive surgery
  • better knee range of motion
  • faster recovery
  • a more normal feeling knee

The resurfacing of the kneecap is the same as total knee replacement: a plastic button is cemented to the back side of the kneecap (patella). A metal tray is placed in the trochlea, which is where the kneecap glides as the knee bends. The remaining portions of the knee are left untouched. This type of replacement can also be easily converted to a total knee replacement, if necessary.

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