Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Osteoarthritis

Stem Cells

Our knees are a fundamental part of our ability to remain mobile and move freely throughout our lives. When these important joints become impacted by disease or injury, finding ways to restore mobility or limit the loss we may experience is important. Osteoarthritis can be found in any joint in the body. When it occurs in the knees, it can damage cartilage, degrading knee function and causing inflammation, leading to pain and stiffness. Stem cell therapy is an increasingly effective way of treating osteoarthritis.

Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Osteoarthritis

Stem cell therapy is an innovative and burgeoning approach to treating many injuries and diseases. Stem cells are an “undifferentiated” type of cell. This means they contain instructions that allow them to become any cell the body needs but have yet to do so. This gives them unprecedented power to help regenerate and repair tissues that have become worn out or damaged. Treatment with stem cells has been shown to regenerate damaged cartilage, improve knee function, and reduce inflammation.

Stem cell therapy has been beneficial to patients presenting with the following:

  • Knee pain that doesn’t improve with more conservative treatments
  • Difficulty performing daily activities and walking
  • No other underlying health issues that could interfere with the treatment

Stem cell therapy is an excellent option in cases where the patient or their physician tries to avoid taking a surgical route to care. Stem cells are obtained from the patient, often within the fat tissue or bone marrow. They undergo processing and are injected into the treatment area, such as the knee joint. Over time the stem cells can promote the healing and regeneration of the knee joint, resulting in improved knee function.

Stem cell therapy is an approach to treating many forms of arthritis, among other conditions and diseases. Every year advances in this form of treatment bring new hope to patients from every walk of life. While their full potential has yet to be tapped, early studies of treatment indicate that at some point in the future, full recovery and restoration of our joints may be possible.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of knee osteoarthritis and looking for relief, contact our clinic to learn more. The team here at Dearborn & Associates Institute for Joint Restoration is dedicated to bringing patients the most effective care medical science offers.

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Losing mobility and joint function to knee osteoarthritis can be frustrating and limit our ability to live life to the fullest. When symptoms of this condition begin to appear, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. The Dearborn & Associates Institute for Joint Restoration team is available to help you find relief and restore your mobility and quality of life. Contact our offices at (510) 818-7200 to schedule your consultation and exam. You can also stop by our Menlo Park, CA, location to tour the facility and meet our team.


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