Injectable Treatment Options For Joint Pain Control

Injectable Pain Control

Dr. Danielle Dearborn and the Dearborn & Associates Institute for Joint Restoration team members are dedicated to providing effective and innovative methods of controlling joint pain. Joint pain can have a significant impact our quality of life, making it difficult to move freely and enjoy our favorite activities. We understand the way that the patient’s journey through life can be impacted by chronic joint pain. We provide various treatment options, including injectable medicines, to help ease or eliminate joint pain in some patients.

Injectable Treatment Options For Joint Pain Control

Joint pain is an unwelcome addition to the lives of those suffering with it. It can cast a shadow over our daily routines and make it difficult to truly enjoy our favorite activities. The source of joint pain varies from patient to patient. This type of pain can result from age-related degeneration, underlying conditions, or injuries to the joint. Managing joint pain can be a complex affair. The treatments used must be tailored to the individual patient’s experience to ensure they’re effective. Physical therapy and oral medications are two approaches to managing joint pain. However, injections are much more directed and can be faster-acting in cases of severe pain.

Injection-based therapies are a modern approach to orthopedic treatment that can be used to address specific facets of joint pain. The most common forms of injection include:

  • Corticosteroid Injections – These injections focus on eliminating inflammation, which can substantially reduce pain symptoms.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections – These injections mimic the joint’s natural lubricants, reducing friction and providing cushioning.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections – This injection is a regenerative treatment that uses components of the patient’s blood to help stimulate repair and healing.
  • Stem Cell Injections – Many believe these injections to be the future of joint repair. Using undifferentiated cells, these injections regenerate the damaged tissues within the joint.
  • Nerve Block Injections – These injections block the pain signals traveling from the nerves around the joint to the brain. Blocking these signals provides immediate relief.

There are many benefits to these injections, but they are most effective as part of a broader approach to treatment. They pair well with lifestyle modifications, physical therapy, and surgical interventions to produce a comprehensive healing experience. The details of your treatment are going to be determined by the nature of your joint injury and pain.

Your Road Forward To Comprehensive Joint Care

Your treatment must be based on a foundation of trust, expertise, and the dedication of our team. The Dearborne & Associates Institute for Joint Restoration team dedicates itself to building these relationships as part of your treatment experience. It starts by calling our offices at (510) 818-7200 to schedule your first appointment and consultation at our clinic in Menlo Park, CA. We’ll determine the nature of your joint pain and the underlying conditions and develop a treatment plan targeting these concerns. At every step of the way, we’ll continue to update your treatment and make adjustments until we find an approach that works to relieve your symptoms and improve your quality of life.


Dr. John Dearborn - Dearborn & Associates

Dr. John Dearborn is a top-performing orthopedic surgeon in the Bay Area and Northern California. Dearborn & Associates Institute for Joint Restoration’s narrow focus and high volume, yields a wealth of clinical experience in the field. Dr. Dearborn and his team have performed over 16,000 successful joint replacement procedures in the last 20+ years.