How Same-Day Discharge Changes Total Joint Replacement


Hip and knee replacements are considered the most common and successful surgeries worldwide. Due to advancements in technology and healthcare, hospital lengths of stay involving these surgeries have decreased dramatically over time. Many hospitals have started introducing same-day programs to their patients to provide full support for their conditions. By doing so, these programs work to relieve joint pain and get patients back to a more active lifestyle through comfortable and safe means. But is same-day discharge genuinely safe? We’re here to explore what same-day discharge means for you and how it can be a viable option for patients needing total joint replacement. 

What is Same Day Discharge For Total Joint Replacement? 

Due to extensive surgical techniques and expertise developments, total joint surgery has grown rapidly over the last decade. Because of these advancements, patients can benefit from being able to move around and recover quickly, including faster discharges. 

Candidates for same-day surgeries can take advantage of these programs, providing them with better means of recovery and providing surgeons with a whole new landscape for total joint replacement options. Patients can recover at their pace by shifting out of the hospital and back to the comforts of home. 

However, same-day discharge isn’t for everyone. Because of the swiftness of these programs, not everyone is an ideal candidate, as certain conditions can keep patients with joint problems at bay from taking advantage of this opportunity. As a surgical outpatient procedure, patients would need to have some qualifications beforehand, including: 

  • Patients must have access to a strong home support system to benefit from this form of recovery properly.
  • Patients must plan an ideal home layout to prepare for recovery, including avoiding stairs. 
  • Patients must maintain good health or only mild, well-controlled conditions, such as mild lung or heart disease.
  • Patients should maintain a body mass index of less than 35.
  • Patients should maintain controlled blood sugar if they have diabetes. 
  • Patients mustn’t smoke — or should quit four weeks before surgery.

Patients with chronic anemia, bladder incontinence, bleeding disorders, and specific heart problems often don’t qualify for these procedures due to the risks involved with the surgery. Beyond their joint issues, patients should be relatively healthy and have an extensive support system to assist them with daily tasks such as walking, sitting, and lying down. 

However, for those who qualify, it is a cost-effective measure completed within 24 hours or less. It is becoming a popular procedure widely implemented in hospitals and outpatient clinics everywhere. 

Total Joint Replacement At Dearborn & Associates

Same-day discharge is viable for patients with extensive hip and knee problems. It has become a way for surgeons to continue performing procedures without impacting hospital resources for crucially ill patients. These benefits have resulted in a less costly, more comfortable procedure for qualifying patients. If you wish to learn more about same-day discharge programs, contact Dr. John Dearborn today for more information!


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