How Cartilage Regeneration Improves Joint Restoration Results

Knee Pain from Cartilage

The landscape of medical science continues to evolve, expand, and innovate with every passing year. New techniques allow approaches to medical care that would have seemed like science fiction just a decade or so ago. An example of such a treatment is cartilage restoration, an advanced process that uses the natural healing ability of the human body and modern science to create new cartilage. This process is known as cartilage regeneration and represents a crucial advance in restoring the health and function of joints impacted by injury or disease. We provide this treatment as part of Dearborn & Associates Institute for Joint Restoration’s dedication to providing our patients with the most effective treatments and the highest quality of life.

How Cartilage Regeneration Improves Joint Restoration Results

The cartilage in our joints provides essential elements to our joints that allow them to operate effectively, smoothly, and painlessly. This material serves as both a shock absorber and a wear-resistant surface. When the integrity of the cartilage in our joints becomes impacted by injury or disease, it can drastically impact the joint’s ability to move smoothly and painlessly. Cartilage restoration provides an important method of restoring the health and function of the joint.

There are three major components to implementing cartilage restoration as part of a treatment program:

  • Tissue Engineering – This approach uses biological scaffolds to implant new cartilage cells in a support structure they can grow to fill in. 
  • Stem Cell Therapy – Stem cells, also known as undifferentiated cells, are a cell that has yet to have its final function determined. This makes them capable of providing a full range of functions based on the environment into which they’re injected. For example, injecting them into an area with damaged or degenerating cartilage will stimulate them to turn into cartilage cells and aid in restoring the area.
  • Growth Factors – Our body uses proteins and other substances classified as growth factors to stimulate the growth and development of cells. These growth factors can be collected and injected into areas with compromised structures to stimulate the body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms.

These cutting-edge approaches to restoring joints through the replacement and regrowth of healthy cartilage. The effectiveness of these techniques improves with every passing year and continues to be a primary area of research and advancement. These treatments have already produced life-changing results for many patients who suffer from damaged or compromised cartilage. They experience less pain, improved mobility, and overall higher quality of life thanks to cartilage regeneration treatments.

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