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Susan Snyder - Dearborn & Associates

Susan Snyder

Susan Snyder is moving about sailboats again. It’s because she had partial knee replacement surgery of both knees, a procedure led by our John Dearborn, MD, orthopedic surgeon and medical co-director of the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research at Washington Hospital. “About 10 to 15 percent of people who come to see us could benefit from a partial knee replacement instead of a total knee replacement,” said Dearborn, one of the nation’s most experienced joint replacement surgeons, who performs more than 900 surgeries a year.

“A total knee replacement involves resurfacing all three compartments of the knee,” Dearborn explained. “For patients like Susan, who had painful damage in only one area of the knee, a partial replacement is better.” Studies support a higher satisfaction rate with partial knee replacement, and there’s a faster recovery time along with better range of motion. “There are also better outcomes and fewer complications at high-volume programs like ours,” added Dearborn, a pioneer in minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgeries. More info on one of America’s most honored joint replacement programs is available at #WHcares