Painful, stiff knees due to arthritis, injuries, or complex fractures can make moving hard. You have the decision to make if both knees are out of commission. Should you go through with getting both replaced at the same time? Or is it better to wait and do one at a time?

Most orthopedic surgeons will only recommend knee replacements when there aren’t any other options. Knee replacements remove damaged tissue, resurface joints, and add a spacer so your knee can move without pain. Knee replacements are invasive and require a longer recovery time.

Options for Knee Replacements

When deciding to replace both knees, there are two options. You can choose a simultaneous, bilateral replacement or a staged bilateral replacement. Simultaneous replacements are when you replace both knees in the same surgery, and staged replacements are done one at a time, a few months apart. When deciding which option is best, as yourself a few things:

Discussing Your Options With a Physician

Your physician can ensure you know of any risks with knee surgery. They will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of each surgery and help you make an informed decision. Your physician can consider all of your risk factors to ensure that you’re getting the best care possible. They’ll be able to ensure you’re aware of the recovery time, physical therapy needs, and other post-operative procedures you’ll need to follow.